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Up next Wink Seth Cohen Now on Mastodon While I’m still Twitter user 8445, I’ve also now joined Mastodon. We will see how it goes in the coming weeks
Latest posts Your having a conversation one more feature one-does-not-simply-ignore-timesheets timesheets-due-by-close-of-business When the Dev Manager clones the repo and actually commits code never-deploy-to-prod performance-reviews agile-sprint-capacity agile-contact-customers SAFe-Recycling But you're already on holiday Complete your timesheet Completing timesheets before holiday ensures a stress--free vacation. Change my mind Must be a holiday miracle But when I do, my timesheet is done No, do it before! Go on holiday without completing the timesheet Complete timesheet first After holiday: I'll do my timesheet now Now I have too much free time You're taking the company to the moon! But when I do, it's my timesheet and it's on time Being the timesheet guru at work You're the real MVP Feeling like a boss Im sorry if last night got a little bit fruity Smells like potential Watching you Nurserymans Choice Bedding planted Chompi The Principles and Strategies of a 30 Hour Work Week.